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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: [BUG] Missing "equation" in context "xref" ofcommon/fr.xml

Hi DocBook Techies!

I  work  on a  doc  with  equations, in  French.   The  problem is  that
"equation"  in context  "xref"  is missing  from  the localization  file
common/fr.xml, 1.44 DocBook XSL Stylesheets.

Here is the line I suggest to add at line 289:

<l:template name="equation" text="&#201;quation %n"/>

BTW, what  is the  best way to  modify existing templates  if I  want to
customize them?   At the top of  the file reads "This  file is generated
automatically. Do not edit this file by hand!".  What should I do then?

Jean-Baptiste Quenot

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