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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Bad vertical postionning of a footer table

An unimplemented feature.  (Open)JADE supports only a subset of DSSSL (a 
very useful subset :-) plus some specific extensions.   As I read the 
standard, there is a huge jump between a simple-page-sequence and a 
page-sequence.  The former is intended for, well, simple pages.  The latter 
is in theory capable of just about any layout I can imagine.  But it's so 
complex that it hasn't been implemented.

By dividing the printed world into page-sequences and 
simple-page-sequences, the authors of the standard provided an obvious 
starting place for implementors.  But the simple-page-sequence is a fairly 
limited model for full scale publishing.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the energy of those who write such things 
seems to have turned to XML tools and XSL.  I think I understand why, but 
it's unfortunate for DSSSL.

At 09:31 PM 9/21/01 +0930, Richard Sharpe wrote:
>Norman Walsh wrote:
>>/ Yann Dirson <ydirson@alcove.fr> was heard to say:
>>| I'm trying to put a table in the center-footer of a document.  I | have
>>| written a small customisation layer above Norm's stylesheets to do
>>| that, but get a strange vertical positionning of the table.
>>Uh, DSSSL footers in a simple-page-sequence aren't allowed to be
>Why? Another of those arbitrary restrictions?
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>in 24 Hours, Special Edition, Using Samba
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Mark B. Wroth

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