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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Page headers

It's something like this:

(define (page-center-footer gi)
  (let ((book-title ( select-elements (children (sgml-root-element)) (normalize "title") ) ))
    (make sequence
      		font-posture: 'italic
      		font-family-name: "Helvetica"
	     	font-size: 8pt
       		(data book-title)))))

As you can see, I use it for the footer, but it is the same for headers.


Juan R. Migoya

Walter Joyce wrote:
> Is there a way to have alternate side page headers when doing
> two-side printing? And is there a way to have the book title in the
> header?
> What I want is the chapter title in the page header on one side and
> the book title on the other.  I use SGML Docbook.
> TIA.
> - Walt Joyce

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