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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Working with CVS


I am writing documentation for an Open Source software in Docbook XML.
We had plain txt documentation previously and I have recently translated
it to XML.

We use CVS for development and I hope that someone would like to share
his/her experiences of working with CVS and Docbook. I used to write
some documentation for PHP and liked the way it is organized there.

The point is that I want to edit XML files on CVS and then be able to
convert them to HTML (and possibly PDF) under Linux. How can I do
that? What software I need to install on CVS server to complete the
task? I am a newbie actually and I would be grateful if you give me a
detailed description of actions I have to take.

Thank you very much in advance! Please let me know if this question
does not apply to this list and tell me where I can send it.

Best regards,
Dmitry Tkatchenko
mnoGoSearch developers team

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