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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Working with CVS

Dmitry Tkatchenko <dim@mnogosearch.org> writes:

> We use CVS for development and I hope that someone would like to share
> his/her experiences of working with CVS and Docbook. I used to write
> some documentation for PHP and liked the way it is organized there.

We're using CVS with both XML and SGML documents for almost two years
now. It's been a great experience.

We had some troubles with authors not submitting completely valid
documents (from XML and SGML point of view) so we added checks to some
CVS triggers that parses the document and if it isn't correct
according to its DTD, the document is rejected and the author receives
instructions on how to see what went wrong. 

I recommend you do that too. 

> The point is that I want to edit XML files on CVS and then be able to
> convert them to HTML (and possibly PDF) under Linux. How can I do
> that? What software I need to install on CVS server to complete the
> task? I am a newbie actually and I would be grateful if you give me a
> detailed description of actions I have to take.

There are several instructions on this mailing list history. Try
looking at the LDP Author Guide too. 

The standard chaintool is:

1. DocBook DTDs
2. DocBook XSL stylesheets (HTML and FO)
3. DocBook DSSSL stylesheets (Jadetex, HTML, RTF, etc.)
4. OpenJade
5. Jadetex (PS, PDF, DVI)
6. A bunch of scripts gathering those together (e.g. docbook-utils) 

There are examples at the "DocBook: The definitive guide" (aka
TDG). Pointer at the SourceForge website. 

> Thank you very much in advance! Please let me know if this question
> does not apply to this list and tell me where I can send it.

DocBook questions applies here. CVS questions don't. 

See you,
Godoy. <godoy@conectiva.com>

Solutions Developer       - Conectiva Inc. - http://en.conectiva.com
Desenvolvedor de Soluções - Conectiva S.A. - http://www.conectiva.com.br

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