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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: DOCBOOK: Admonitions

[Any followups on this should go to docbook-apps]

Ken Walton <kenw@ddd.co.za> writes:

> Hi All
> I am working with admonitions, specifically <tip> and <warning> and would
> like to include a graphic.
> I have tried using <tip graphic="tip.gif">Tie your shoe laces...</tip> but
> cannot seem to output the graphic in html (I'm using chunk.xsl).
> Can anyone help?

By default, admon graphics aren't included in output from the
stylesheets. To get the graphics, you have to set the value of the
admon.graphics parameter to something other than "0", like "1". If
you've never perused the html/param.xsl file, you definitely should
take a look through that.

To set parameters, you either need to make an XSLT customization layer
file and put them in there, or use whatever command-line syntax your
XSLT engine requires. If you're using full Saxon, you can do this:

  java    com.icl.saxon.StyleSheet    yourDocument.xml \
    <yourDbkXSLTdirectory>/html/chunk.xsl    admon.graphics=1

DaveP -- if you're still working on a FAQ, seems like this should
maybe go in there (or does the FAQ not cover stylesheet questions?).

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