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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: JavaHelp style sheets - launching problem


After successfully generating the JavaHelp files from the sample
DocBook documentation.xml file I have problems to launch it with
JavaHelp (uncompressed and as jar file).
But I am able to run the available JavaHelp demos
(e.g. demos\hs\holidays\HolidayHistory.hs) successfully from
the command line with the same syntax.

c:\javahelp\demos\bin\hsviewer -helpset jhelpset.hs

I get the error message:
"Java Foundation Classes not found
The program can only be run using JDK 1.2 and higher.
If you are using JDK1.1 use the hsviewer1_1 utility."

The only changes I made to the original source was that I added
in docsrc\html the files param.xml.olink, reference.xml.olink with
empty content (only a XML declaration in it) to get the XSLT process
All other samples (HTML, XHML, HTMLHelp, FOP, PDF, even RTF via DSSSL)
work fine for me.

Did anyone else discover this problem and what a solution?

Thanks a lot in advance

Platform & SW
 OS: W2K
 Java: j2se 1_3_1_01.
 JavaHelp: JavaHelp1.1
 XSLT-Engine: SAXON 6.4.4
 DocBook XML: 4_1_2
 DocBook-xsl: 1.45

Nice greetings,
 Juergen Modre             |  Phone:   +43 1 2630935
 DocuMatrix GmbH           |  Mobile:  +43 664 1458607
 Wien, Austria (Europe)    |  E-mail:  Juergen.Modre@documatrix.com

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