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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Working with CVS

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Yann Dirson <ydirson@alcove.fr> writes:

> On Mon, Oct 08, 2001 at 03:22:10PM -0300, Jorge Godoy wrote:
> > I'll be adding more details soon, but you can get the idea and scripts
>> from http://heilel.mine.nu:81/moin/moin.cgi/CvsAndDocBookValidation
> Great.  However, links to the actual scripts look like:
> 	http:/~moin/commit-check.pl.txt

This is weird. :-\
Just to know, what browser are you using? Theoretically, MoinMoin
would take care of giving you the right address... (And I've tried it
with Netscape and Konqueror)

You can prefix those addresses with http://heilel.mine.nu:81/~moin/

So, for commit-check.pl.txt, it would be

> I tried to edit the URLs by hand, and used the search feature, but did
> not found the scripts :(

Sorry for causing you such trouble. I've also fixed the addresses.

I'll try to translate everything in them to English, but if you grok
some Perl (very basic), you'll understand all of them.

And you can always ask for some explanation. :-)

Sorry, again,
- -- 
Godoy. <godoy@conectiva.com>

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Desenvolvedor de Soluções - Conectiva S.A. - http://www.conectiva.com.br
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