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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: pdf page not printable


a page that includes a (certain) table cannon be printed.
This table includes only images.

I've create this document in DocBook XML 5.0 beta.
Xalan to translate it into FO (DocBook XSL Stylesheets
v. 1.44).
To convert FO to PDF i use FOP (0.20.2 )
I have specified the column-with for each column.
(that's also what i don't like, but if you don't there
will be a "[ERROR] <" produced, ... about
10000000 times, except you say cols="0".
That's ok, you will see no error and no table :-)

I've also specified the amount of columns in
the attribute "cols" of "informaltable". 

It just stops printing if this page would be on the turn.
I can watch it, but not print.

Is there a way arround this problem,
or does anybody know what causes it (to fix the bug).

.... but, ... i have to agree, you shouldn't use FOP
for complex projects. Not today, maybe in one year.

best regards,


Christian Kaiser     

SiemensVDO Automotive AG                             
SV SC RS T33                                
Osterhofener Straße 19 - O19
93055 Regensburg

Tel: ++49 (0)941-790-6689

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