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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Best Linux toolchain for SGML->PDF

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On Sat, Oct 27, 2001 at 07:29:29PM -0400, Tammy Fox wrote:

> > I've also encountered various TeX-related problems, such as pdfTeX not
> > accepting png images with some weird error message (and I haven't found=
> > way to make pdf images, so I'm running "imageless"), "font substitution=
> > that I have no clue about, and formatting reference pages into TeX mess=
> > up the linking completely.
> >=20
> Try used EPS images. I convert my PNGs into EPSs, convert SGML to
> TeX, TeX to DVI, DVI to PS, and finally using ghostscript to convert
> PS to PDF.

On the subject of getting images to work for PDF and for PS from the
same source:

For DocBook SGML and the jade/openjade toolchain, see the solution I
am using for the Selfdocbook:

     <imagedata fileref=3D"simple" format=3D"eps" align=3D"center">
     <imagedata fileref=3D"simple.png" format=3D"png" align=3D"center">

The trick is to miss off the extension for 'format=3D"eps"', and use
this DSSSL:

;; TeX backend can go to PS (where EPS is needed)
;; or to PDF (where PNG is needed).  So, just
;; omit the file extension altogether and let
;; tex/pdfjadetex sort it out on its own.
(define (graphic-file filename)
 (let ((ext (file-extension filename)))
  (if (or (equal? 'backend 'tex) ;; Leave off the extension for TeX
          (not filename)
          (not %graphic-default-extension%)
          (member ext %graphic-extensions%))
      (string-append filename "." %graphic-default-extension%))))

For DocBook XML with PassiveTeX, I am using this although I don't
think it's strictly to the DTD:

     <imagedata fileref=3D"simple.pdf" format=3D"pdf" align=3D"center"/>
     <imagedata fileref=3D"simple.png" format=3D"png" align=3D"center"/>

I use fig2dev to create formats from .fig source.


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