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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Best Linux toolchain for SGML->PDF

On Sat, Oct 27, 2001 at 07:43:36PM +0200, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Rick Bronson writes:
> >   My current tool set is:
> >
> > debian potato, Docbook 4.1, dsssl-1.73, jadetex 3.11-1, Jade version "1.2.1",
> > SP version "1.3.4"
> >   Anyone have any opinions on this?
> JadeTeX 3.11 is broken for me, but no one responds to the bug reports at
> SourceForge.  3.10 works better.  The 1.73 style sheets are not usable for
> print output that contains variablelists, because of a bug.  This is
> unfortunate, because that release contains a few other improvements for
> print output.  I don't know about the Jade vs OpenJade situation, but
> OpenJade works for me.
> I'm currently in the process of trying to beat a toolchain approximately
> equal to yours into formatting about 1500 pages of documentation into
> acceptable PDF output.  Problems are tables, various horizontal and
> vertical spacing issues, and breaking of extremely long file and url
> strings.  If you're using the indexing functionality you need a lot of
> fixes.  If you're using bibliographies and/or refentries mixed with
> regular sectioned content you might get broken bookmarks.  I encountered a
> good load of problems that were rather easy to fix, which indicates to me
> that this tool chain isn't widely used for "serious" applications.
> I've also encountered various TeX-related problems, such as pdfTeX not
> accepting png images with some weird error message (and I haven't found a
> way to make pdf images, so I'm running "imageless"), "font substitutions"
> that I have no clue about, and formatting reference pages into TeX messes
> up the linking completely.

Try used EPS images. I convert my PNGs into EPSs, convert SGML to
TeX, TeX to DVI, DVI to PS, and finally using ghostscript to convert
PS to PDF.

> So, er, my opinion is that it can be made to work, but if you're writing
> more than an article then it's a bit of an effort.
> -- 
> Peter Eisentraut   peter_e@gmx.net   http://funkturm.homeip.net/~peter
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