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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Best Unix toolchain for SGML->PDF

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On Sun, Oct 28, 2001 at 08:15:53PM +0100, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> > Eventually we were able to use JadeTeX 3.11 with url.sty to create
> > nice justified output that wraps URLs and filenames properly.
> Can you give me a pointer for how to do that?  I'm completely
> TeX-illiterate besides typical LaTeX usage, so my attempts so far to "use"
> url.sty were rather feable.

(From: doc/share/mk/doc.docbook.mk)
=2Eif defined(JUSTIFY)
TEXCMDS+=3D       \RequirePackage{url}
PRINTOPTS+=3D     -ioutput.print.justify
=2Eif defined(TWO_SIDE)
PRINTOPTS+=3D     -V %two-side% -ioutput.print.twoside
TEXCMDS+=3D       \def\PageTwoSide{1}
=2Eif defined(NICE_HEADERS)
PRINTOPTS+=3D    -ioutput.print.niceheaders
=2Eif defined(MIN_SECT_LABELS)
PRINTOPTS+=3D    -V minimal-section-labels
=2Eif defined(TRACE)
TEXCMDS+=3D       \tracingstats=3D${TRACE}
${DOC}.dvi: ${DOC}.tex-ps
        @echo "=3D=3D> TeX pass 1/3"
        -tex "&jadetex" '${TEXCMDS} \nonstopmode\input{${.ALLSRC}}'
        @echo "=3D=3D> TeX pass 2/3"
        -tex "&jadetex" '${TEXCMDS} \nonstopmode\input{${.ALLSRC}}'
        @echo "=3D=3D> TeX pass 3/3"
        -tex "&jadetex" '${TEXCMDS} \nonstopmode\input{${.ALLSRC}}'

The parameter entities include optional portions of our customized

(From: doc/share/sgml/freebsd.dsl)
        (define (urlwrap)
          (let ((%factor% (if %verbatim-size-factor%=20
          (make sequence
            font-family-name: %mono-font-family%
            font-size: (* (inherited-font-size) %factor%)
            (make formatting-instruction data:
                   (data (current-node))

This function implements the ulink, email, etc.. elements if the TeX
backend is in use so that url.sty can be included and the data can be
wrapped in \url{...}.

If you want to download our whole infrastructure, try CVSup, otherwise
just browse with CVSWeb :


In particular :



> >   Almost all of the customizations that we made to the DocBook
> > stylesheets for our printed output have been checked into the FreeBSD
> > Documentation Project CVS repository.
> How about forwarding them to the main stylesheet repository?

  The stylesheets serve as a very general tool.  Our customizations
would take away some of this generalism.  With that said, some of our
changes have made it back to the main stylesheet repository.  The rest
will remain in our CVS tree until someone takes the time to determine
if they are appropriate for the broader DocBook community.

   - Murray

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