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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: newbie: jadetex and fonts

I've been trying to figure out how to get new fonts known to
jadetex/pdjadetex so that my PDF and PS output look, well, like they
should.  If I stick to the standard built in fonts (Palatino, for
example), everything is fine.  But when I try to use something that
wasn't installed by default (Garamond, or AGaramond, for example), I
can't get the thing to work.  The conversion from the *.tex file to dvi
using jadetex always results in complaints about unknown fonts and font
substitutions.  Using pdfjadetex results in similar complaints plus a
truly ugly and unreadable file.

Clearly I'm doing something wrong.

So here's my questions: Does anyone know of a document, URL, or
commercially published manual that describes how to manage fonts for the
jadetex beastie?  Something that says 'And this is what jadetex wants to
do with fonts and this is how you make new fonts known to it?' Such a
thing would surely be useful to more people than me.

This is all on a Linux system.  Specs are:

Linux Mandrake 8.0
docbook dsssl 1.73
openjade 1.3
tetex 1.0.7


	- Steve

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