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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: docbook to OpenOffice "OfficeDocument"transformation?


> Has any one thought about/ done anything about a docbook/XML to the
> OpenOffice OfficeDocument XML transformation (i.e. a conversion to
> OpenOffice/Star Office file formats, in the same way as we have a
> conversion to RTF).
> Might be quite an interesting project....

It *does* sound interesting... and if I had a few more cycles to spare
I would definitely be interested in participating (since we use 
StarOffice a good bit here).  Unfortunately, I don't see myself having
the time to help anytime soon.  Still, it *would* be interesting to see.

My 2 cents,
Dan York, Director of Training, Network Server Solutions Group
Mitel Networks Corporation                  dan_york@mitel.com
Ph: +1-613-751-4401 Cell: +1-613-263-4312 Fax: +1-613-564-7739 
150 Metcalfe Street, Suite 1500, Ottawa,ON K2P 1P1 Canada
http://www.e-smith.com/         http://www.mitel.com/sme/           

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