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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: Help project structure

> I would love to see a parameter that allows you to exclude 
> the generation of
> book and chapter files.  

What you (and I) really want is for the xsl to check to see if there's
content in the chapter or section before the next section begins. So the
following two cases would be handled differently:

Case 1: The following sibling of title != section... so there is a
separate chunk and toc entry for the section titled Foo.

<para>The following sections contain stuff about foo</para>
<title>A subsection about foo</title>

Case 2: The following sibling of the title = section, so there is no
separate chunk for the section titled Foo. There could be a toc entry,
but it would take you to a chunk that contains the title for Foo, the
title for A subsection about foo, and the rest of A subsection about

<para>Here's stuff about foo</para>
<title>A subsection about foo</title>

>I've tried to eliminate the chunking 
> of chapters
> and books by using the following code in the chunker.xsl 
> file, but the best
> I end up with is my sections at a depth of two get generated, 
> and then the
> transformation fails because saxon can't make the chapter file.

The xsl for chunking is pretty hairy. It always hurts my head when I
look at it. If we can figure out exactly what we want, I'm sure Norm and
Jirka can make it happen :) 

I haven't had time to migrate to 1.48, so I haven't played with the
control over the depth of chunking sections that norm added and see
exactly how it works. I have a hack of my own from before that was added
that makes all sections chunk. Currently I require the writers to put at
least an introductary para in places where there would otherwise be an
empty chunk, but that's not a very satisfactory solution.


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