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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: Help project structure

Sounds like you know more about the inner workings of chms than I do.
With the stylesheets, in the index pane you do currently get to select
from a list of pages that contain an indexterm if more than one contain
that term. Jirka's stylesheets don't actually generate an .hhk, but put
code in the html files that lets the help compiler generate the index
without an .hhk. 

What I have in mind is something in the topic itself and which connects
that topic to all other topics which are related to it. This is
different from the popup that you get in the index (which only lists
topics containing that indexterm). 

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but there's no constraint in the dtd
regarding indexterms used in multiple places--in fact it's kind of
expected. For example, in a pdf, to have the following index entry

network adapters, 55, 73, 82 

requires that you have the markup <indexterm><primary>network
adapters</primary></indexterm> in three separate places in your


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Maggie Strevell [mailto:maggie@ssinc.com]

> Related Topics... I hadn't gotten that far yet.  But yes, add 
> "releated
> topics" to the wish list too.  Might want to consider 
> customizing the XSL to
> modify the .hhk file and let the help compiler do the rest.  
> I wonder if you
> won't run into a problem validating if you use single index term thats
> defined in multiple places.
> In .hhk, related Topics popup when you click on "editing" in 
> the index if
> defined as follows (no javascript, no lists at the bottom of 
> topics needed).
> Getting the XSL to do this is the trick, but I'm not far from 
> having to do
> the same. 

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