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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Chunked documents inside frames

On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, Jens Stavnstrup wrote:

> Allthough,  I agree in principle, that the use of frames is a huge sin. 
> When frames are required, it would be 
> nice to have some control over the target attribute in the HTML element 
> "a". otherwise we will risk the effect of cascaded frames.
> This could be done by creating an empty template in chunk.xsl called 
> navig.target with one parameter direction (possible values 'prev','next', 
> 'up' and 'home'. The template could then be called from appropiate places 
> in e.g. the templates "header.navigation" and "footer.navigation" in the 
> file html/chunk.xsl

Two parameters, would properly be more appropiate (The node itself, and a 
diection parameter)

> Maybe a similar approach would be appropiate  for the template ulink in 
> htnl/xref.xsl
> ---
> Similar when using chunks indside frames, it is sometimes unessary to have 
> a root chunk, since that information is avalible in some of the other 
> frames, So e.g. with an noroot.chunk parameter, a chunked book document 
> will consists of a number of capter chuncks and posible subsection chunks 
> ?

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