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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: ANNOUNCE: OpenJade 1.3.1 - Updated Windows Binariesavailable

I've just refreshed the Windows Binaries:


This fixes two problems with the previous build:

- Bad or Missing error message texts.

  OpenJade produced the wrong error messages, other tools (onsgmls)
  just said "invalid message". Hopefully, it is right now. Unless 
  you are in the habit of producing valid, syntactically and
  semantically correct SGML, XML and DSSSL first time, every time,
  you may want to try this new build out.

- POSIX locale feature with non US English default system locales
  causes problems

  I've simply disabled the locale support for this build. The locale
  feature caused problems with the Modular DocBook stylesheets if your
  default system input locale was not some variant of "English".
  Symptoms being complaints about decimal points "." in numbers.

  At the moment I suspect that no one is using the POSIX locale feature
  (and the more I look at it the more I think that it just doesn't work
  in any case - if any one *is* using it, I would love to hear from
  them, so they can explain it to me ;-) so this change shouldn't 
  matter too much.

So, if you are still clinging on to your four year old jade 1.2.1
executables I would encourage you to have a play with these...
especially if you want to use the TeX backend.

Have fun!


Ian Castle <ian.castle@coldcomfortfarm.net> | Proud to be maintaining
http://www.looksystems.co.uk/               | OpenJade since 2002
JadeTeX, OpenJade maintainer                |

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