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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Newbie XSL question : chunking

Hi all,

I need help to get the XSLs to chunk my HTML output... Probably seems stupid
but I didn't see anyone posting about this, and I couldn't find any clue on

I think I get the point by importing the chunk.xsl driver in my wrapper
driver, with

    <xsl:import href="file: ... /chunk.xsl"/>

...but then, I get a transformer error (chunk.xsl doesn't seem to get parsed

My test document is a Simplified DocBook document, with several <sect>s
(with no id's), and stub content.
I'm using Xalan-Java (2.0.0) as a transformer.
My version of the XSLs is 1.48.

Julien 'mezis' LETESSIER     ICQ# 109936509
ENSIMAG student              mailto:mezis@online.fr
second year                  http://mezis.online.fr

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