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Subject: xsltproc and tablecolumns.extension (was Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: No framesaround tables - how to activate Saxon extensions for Norman Walsh's XSL 1.48?)

>>>>> "HR" == dbook  <dbook@centrum.cz> writes:

HR> Hello, I use PassiveTex for generating PDF from DocBook.
HR> Currently I use full Saxon 6.5 with JDK 1.3.1_01.  I have this
HR> problems:
HR> 1.) Tables, that hasn't specified sizes of columns are displayed
HR> incorretly - I solved it by specifying size for every column.
HR> 2.) Tables are without frames
HR> I have read somewhere, that parameters "tablecolumns.extension"
HR> and "use.extensions" solve this problems. So I set it to "1", but
HR> now Saxon generate this message:
>> No adjustColumnWidths function available.  Processing terminated by
>> xsl:message at line 183

I, too, have this problem and I'm using PassiveTeX, but I'm using
xsltproc (from libxslt).  I think that xsltproc doesn't yet implement
that extension.  Any word (Daniel V.?) on whether that is planned or
even possible at some stage in xsltproc?  It's not part of the exsl
extension set, it's one of Norm's own Java classes, is that correct?
Perhaps a near equivalent in, or proposed for, exsl?

It sure would be nice to be able to specify proportional columns
widths in the XSL rather than hardcode them to keep PassiveTeX happy.

On the second issue, the tables without frames (when <table
frame="all> is set) problem seems to be orthogonal to the
tablecolumns.extension problem.  Has anybody managed to successfully
generate tables *with* frames when setting the "frame=all" attribute,
using the PassiveTeX toolchain?

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