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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: tools jungle


My goal is to learn DocBook by using it to write scientific articles.

My needs:
I will need to create (or get) stylesheet for IEEE article format (double
columns, ...).I will need easily incorporate math formulas (MathML
preferably) and graphics (.png, ...).

My question is following :

What do I need (must be free available) if I want to write articles in
DocBook and then create pdf files.

I have already tried these set of tools:
openjade, dsssl 1.76
fop, xerces, xalan, xsl 1.49

Which set of tools has a chance of getting MathMl support faster?
Which stylesheet language is more user friendly :) or IEEE article format
is available for it?

Can you send me (privately maybe) your preferable set of tools?

best regards,
Radek Szymanek

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