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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: image positioning


I have been customizing the FO stylesheets to produce a paper for ACM-SIGs.
Although I managed to achieve a lot (the template logic is very hard to
follow), I cannot figure out how to do some required stuff. Maybe someone
could help. I'm using the 1.50.0 stylesheets, Saxon 6.5.2 (I kept receiving
some misterious array out of bound exception from Xalan and had to abandon
it), and FOP 0.20.3.

1) Although I specify float="1" in figures, they always appear exactly in
the same point of the text I inserted them. This produces a awful layout --
figures should always slip to the top or the bottom of the column. To
specify location by hand is impossible because figures most of the time
fall inside the paragraph flow.  I had particularly trouble specifying a
blank area in the bottom of the first column of the first page. I could
only get something close to what I wanted by inserting a <inlinefigure> at
the exact point where the area would come, a disgusting solution because if
meant changing the XML document. And it made line justification fail at the
insertion point. I tried to use fo:float and discovered FOP does not
implement it. Any way around such a horrible limitation? Must I change

2) How can I customize the hyphenation algoritms? I need to limit
consecutive line hyphenations. I also would like to get hyphenation to work
in Portuguese, but cant find where to start... I thought it would be easy
because in Portuguese hyphenation is completely rule-based.

Any help or insight is welcome.


Marcelo Jaccoud Amaral
Petrobrás - IT/e-business  (TI/NE/DE)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
voice: +55 21 2534-3485
fax: +55 21 2534-1809

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