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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: About DB2LaTeX

Dear All, 
(If you are not interested un DB2LaTeX, please, discard this message and
I apologize for de inconvenience)

Many of the comments and bug reports I receive about DB2LaTeX concern
the escaping of characters as well as internationalization. I'm thinking
about how I could improve the package, and using external "modules" with
java and/or C++ is an option. However, dropping the "XSL only" approach
may mean compatibility problems, and that some XSL processors are
supported and others aren't.

So my questions are:

- Should I add extension modules in order to make DB2LaTeX to make it
perform better and faster?

- If yes, which are the approaches I should consider?

- Has anyone experience with this? Pointers appreciated.

- Should I focus in providing support for the 1 or 2 "most widely used"
XSLT processors in benefit of the number of features supported?

In general terms, I would be against the inclusion of external modules.
However, some things require ugly hacks and some people have suggested
using add-ons for these.

Many thanks in advance,

Ps: DB2LaTeX is a XSL stylesheet that is aimed at a DocBook -> LaTeX
transformation. It is available at db2latex.sourceforge.net and
www.sourceforge.net/projects/db2latex. Please note that the CVS version
may be required.

Ps: I have not been receiving Docbook-apps mails for a while, and I am
not very sure why. Please also note that the email address
casellas@aist.enst.fr was unavailable for some months.

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