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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: About DB2LaTeX

On Thu, 6 Jun 2002, Michael Smith wrote:

> Ramon Casellas <casellas@infres.enst.fr> writes:

> > - Should I add extension modules in order to make DB2LaTeX to make it
> > perform better and faster?
> FWIW, I'd vote for keeping the "XSL only" approach. I think there's a
> big value in it -- in enabling people to get transformations done with
> just a minimal system (just the stylesheets and an XSLT engine) that
> will work on any platform and is free from other dependencies.

I  agree,  but  I  would  like  to  ask  one  question about XSLT
stylesheets. How to translate docbook's &amp; to LaTeX's \& using
XSLT only?

> > - Should I focus in providing support for the 1 or 2 "most widely used"
> > XSLT processors in benefit of the number of features supported? [...]
> You might want to aim just for xsltproc and Saxon. If you can judge by
> postings to docbook-apps, xsltproc and Saxon are the engines most
> DocBook users are using; other than those and Xalan, XT, and 4XSLT, I
> can't think offhand of mention of any other engines showing up much on
> docbook-apps.

I  would  like  to see all the stylesheets working with Sablotron
(http://www.gingerall.com). It is very, very  fast  and  the  PHP
XSLT functions are based on this engine.




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