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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Increase default number of pagesequence masters/RFE

On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 12:58:13PM +0200, Jens Stavnstrup wrote:
> In a typical scenario, when using the book element as root to
> generate FO pages. Pagemaster sequences are typical selected by e.g. the
> named template pagesetup.xsl/select.doublesided.pagemaster, where one of
> two page-sequence-masters choices are returned either titlepage1 or
> twoside1.
> The current design of division.xsl (rule template "book") uses titlepage1
> as the master-reference attribute when defining the current
> fo:page-sequence for both the "titlepage", the "preamble", and misc. table
> of contents.
> The twoside1 pagesequence are used for the rest of the pages in the
> document.
> Allthough I could redefine book myself. I would think that most users have
> a different design for the titlepage (among other things header and
> footer) than for the rest of the pages which aso uses the titlepage
> pages-sequence, i.e. preamble, and toc.
> I would therefore suggest, that the pagesetup.xsl define an additional
> pagesequence master used specificly for these "pre document" elements,
> and then only use the titlepage1 for the actual titlepage.

This is a good idea.  Can you file an RFE at the
DocBook SourceForge site?  That's the best way
to get it into Norm's queue.


Bob Stayton                                 400 Encinal Street
Publications Architect                      Santa Cruz, CA  95060
Technical Publications                      voice: (831) 427-7796
Caldera International, Inc.                 fax:   (831) 429-1887
                                            email: bobs@caldera.com

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