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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Increase default number of pagesequence masters/RFE

In a typical scenario, when using the book element as root to
generate FO pages. Pagemaster sequences are typical selected by e.g. the
named template pagesetup.xsl/select.doublesided.pagemaster, where one of
two page-sequence-masters choices are returned either titlepage1 or

The current design of division.xsl (rule template "book") uses titlepage1
as the master-reference attribute when defining the current
fo:page-sequence for both the "titlepage", the "preamble", and misc. table
of contents.

The twoside1 pagesequence are used for the rest of the pages in the

Allthough I could redefine book myself. I would think that most users have
a different design for the titlepage (among other things header and
footer) than for the rest of the pages which aso uses the titlepage
pages-sequence, i.e. preamble, and toc.

I would therefore suggest, that the pagesetup.xsl define an additional
pagesequence master used specificly for these "pre document" elements,
and then only use the titlepage1 for the actual titlepage.



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