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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: xsl fop and glossary format in pdf trouble

Bob Stayton wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 11, 2002 at 05:21:20PM +0200, zope-mailinglist wrote:
>>hello all
>>i'm using the xsl stylesheets to create a pdf file using fop
>>everything in the latest version
>>i have a problem with my glossary
>>due to the fact, that e have relatively long terms, the term is written 
>>over the definition in pdf, where the glossary is in table format.
>>1. is there a variable to get my glossary in block format like for 
>>variablelist through:
>><xsl:param name="variablelist.as.blocks" select="1"/>
>>2. is there a possibility to make the term wrap in its table cell, this 
>>would be the best.
> Well, a glossary isn't in a table.
> The current fo stylesheet puts a glossary in a
> fo:list-block, glossentries in a
> fo:list-item, the glossterm in a fo:list-item-label
> and the glossdef in a fo:list-item-body.
> So the fo output is already doing the equivalent of
> the variablelist.  The label just isn't being handled
> properly by FOP when it is longer than its designated
> width.

thanks for your response

there are so many small issues with fop, that i have switched to 
passivetex for pdf generation


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