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> There are "features" of SGML that have not been incorporated into XML. The
> one I miss most and that keeps me using SGML is INCLUDE/IGNORE marked
> sectons. Especially as the status keyword can be the replacement of an
> entity reference. Although there are techniques for achieving this with
> XML (by hacking XSLT code to evaluate element attribtues) I believe that
> the SGML feature is safer and preferable. It is clear in the SGML document
> instance what will/wont be processed; there is no such clarity with an XML
> document instance.

As a replacement for this functionality, I would suggest you take a look
at the "profiling" that has been included in the last several releases
of the XSLT stylesheets.  Jirka has a document about it at:


and I have a few slides showing its usage in the tutorial I did at OLS at:


This allows me to very simply and easily do what I used to do with 


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