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[Disclaimer, preamble; The following is a brief summary of some points
 I am trying to clarify, these may be incorrect.  I disclaim their validity.
 I would appreacheate some comments regarding this]
I know this is a well contested argument, but this is not a troll or anything like that,
I also understand that there is probably no definitive answer.
I am creating a document on how to set up an SGML editing suite for Windows or
Unix for the average computer beginner.  I have begun to wonder whether I should
be encouraging the use of SGML instead of opting for XML because I would not
want to disadvantage a group of people by getting them into using SGML Docbook
instead of XML DocBook. Please bear in mind that I desire to:
Create printable output and online output in the following formats:
(TeX was included, although I understand this can only be a pseudo-tex,
 not real TeX?, but a version which is used by JadeTeX as a sort-of
 translation format?)
Validation would be performed by onsgmls for both formats
For SGML I would use openjade for the HTML, RTF and
pseudo-TeX, then the JadeTeX macro pack for the pseudo-tex
to pdf or dvi, then dvi to ps, and maybe pstopdf.
For XML I would use xsltproc for the HTML and FO output
FOP for FO to PDF, MIF, PCL or plain text. JFOR for FO to
RTF. Or passiveTeX to create PDF output from FO then pdf2ps to
create PS?
My advantages and disadvantages to going XML are as follows:
[Note, this is XML and SGML primarily in the context of DocBook]
XML is the "wave of the future", we can either ride it or sink?
XML is more Internet oriented, the future is more Internet oriented?
XML is simpler and perhaps less cumbersome than SGML?
XML is easier to write tools for so the future will bring a bounty of them?
XML implements Unicode which is rapidly becoming the new standard?
The SGML DocBook will eventually dissappear.
SGML is a maturer technology hence is regarded as better?
The SGML DocBook toolchain is easier to configure and setup?
It is much easier to create printable output using the SGML toolchain?
The XML tools are mostly written in JAVA which is slow?
There are tools available to convert SGML to XML anyway so this is no bother?
The DocBook XML syntax is so similar to the DocBook SGML syntax
that conversion would be no bother?
So it does actually seem as if the XML option would be viable, but
perhaps a tutorial for both would be better.

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