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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Fop problems with docbook-xsl-1.52.2

I am experiencing the same problem with FOP 0.20.4 and Docbook XSL 1.52.2.
What works best for me is Docbook XSL 1.51.1 and FOP 0.20.3. When I tried
FOP 0.20.3 with XSL 1.52.2, I got a PDF file but this verison of FOP had
trouble with the font declarations in 1.52.2. When I went up to FOP 0.20.4,
which did not have an issue with the fonts, there were the other errors
alluded to below and I got no PDF file at all. 1.51.1/0.20.3 seems to be the
happy medium, though, here too, there are errors about the following
properties not being implemented: background-attachment, background-repeat,
background-position-horizontal, background-position-vertical, and

> I have the same (and more) problems with FOP 0.20.4.  The
> problems all appeared when upgrading to the 152.1 stylesheets from 1.51.1
> >> I'm having some problems using the new xsl stylesheets with Apache FOP
> >> 0.20.2. I'm just getting a stream of errors like:
> >>
> >> [ERROR]: Unknown enumerated value for property
> 'relative-align': baseline
> >>
> >> and
> >>
> >> [ERROR]: Error in column-width property value '33%':
> >> org.apache.fop.fo.expr.PropertyException: No conversion defined

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