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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: XEmacs "life" TOC tool for docbook (version 2 released)

Hi all,

working with long (several hundred pages) DocBook documents everyday
in XEmacs with PSGML, I frequently had problems accomplishing two

1. Insert/change text at different - but related - places.
2. Lookup, e.g., id attributes for linking.

Incremental search, etags and imenu all didn't give a satisfactory

Inspired by RefTeX I've written an on-the fly table-of-contents
generator providing the possibility to view the respective
place in the document source or jump to it.

It can be found on:
or alternatively on
in the contib CVS-area.

Version two now provides a TOC generator using PSGML's parse tree as
alternative to the external toc.pl script, eliminating the perl and
XML::Parser dependency. Furthermore, support for external entities was

Suggestions & bugreports/fixes or (GNU) Emacs port welcome,


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