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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Word 2000->DocBook Effort

Andy Jewell wrote:
> <snip/>
>    1. A Word 2000 stylesheet with DocBook-ish styles (a very small
>       subset at the moment) - this is saved as HTM

If you haven't, you should look at YAWC (Yet Another Word Converter) 
that does a pretty good job of getting you to DocBook directly from its 
Word template. It does sdocbook by default but can be customized to some 
extent. Look at http://www.yawcpro.com/

There are other tools that do similar things, for example, I think Dave 
Pawson is partial to one called Upcast. It's an external (to Word) 
application and can be customized, as well.

I wonder if the intervening HTML in your scenario is rich enough to do 
what you need to do structurally in order to get useful DocBook from the 
transformation? It sounds like a reasonably large effort to me; I hope 
there is some money around to support the project, as well as management 
support to help you reorient your colleagues.

Regards.           ...edN

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