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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Word 2000->DocBook Effort

Definitely the linear structure was a big problem (since most of XSLT lives
off of a logical content model).  I used Saxon's before(nodes-to-get, node)
extension to help deepen the structure a bit.  But you have a good point. .

-- Andy

Ed Nixon wrote:

> Andy Jewell wrote:
> > <snip/>
> >    1. A Word 2000 stylesheet with DocBook-ish styles (a very small
> >       subset at the moment) - this is saved as HTM
> If you haven't, you should look at YAWC (Yet Another Word Converter)
> that does a pretty good job of getting you to DocBook directly from its
> Word template. It does sdocbook by default but can be customized to some
> extent. Look at http://www.yawcpro.com/
> There are other tools that do similar things, for example, I think Dave
> Pawson is partial to one called Upcast. It's an external (to Word)
> application and can be customized, as well.
> I wonder if the intervening HTML in your scenario is rich enough to do
> what you need to do structurally in order to get useful DocBook from the
> transformation? It sounds like a reasonably large effort to me; I hope
> there is some money around to support the project, as well as management
> support to help you reorient your colleagues.
> Regards.           ...edN

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