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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Page number in ToC


This really works great. Thanks for figuring this out!

Harm Kok

Diderot Track

Nicolas Nieswandt wrote:

>Sorry, my last message was a bit confused, so i'll summarize it.
>The Problem was to get a TOC with right aligned page numbers in a PDF
>file rendered with FOP. Rendering my document wth FOP 0.20.3 using the
>XSL-StyleSheets 1.51.0 leads nearly to the predicted result, but only if
>fop.extensions are diabled in the customization layer.
>This was confirmed with FOP 0.20.4, 0.20.3 and docbook-xsl 1.52.2,
>1.52.1, 1.51.0. An outstanding problem was that the numbers weren't
>smoothly aligned.
>I investigated the Stylesheets and I found the file fo/autotoc.xsl.
>In the template
>  <xsl:template name="toc.line">
>are only some spaces inserted between the TOC title and the page number,
>if fop.extensions are disabled.
>I verified that FOP has the fo:leader element implemented and removed
>the xsl:text elements and copied the fo:leader element, that is used
>with fop.extensions=0.
>If you add the attribute leader-pattern-width="5pt", you also get the
>page numbers smooth aligned on the right.
>So if this doesn't work only for me and there are no other problems, the
>instructions for using fop.extensions (in fo/autotoc.xsl -
>template:"toc.line") could be changed or pherhaps completly removed.
>PS: The Mailing List Guidlines weren't meant to me, were they ? :,

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