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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: looking for XML editor that supports outline mode

"Robert P. J. Day" <rpjday@mindspring.com> writes:

>   i might have gotten responses when i posted about this once
> upon a time, but somehow, i can't find those responses, so here
> goes again.
>   i would dearly love to find an XML editor that supports
> outline mode, as basic emacs does.  i write all of my manuals
> in outline mode, and i definitely can't live without it.
>   earlier today, i was expermienting with a friend with his
> variation of psgml, and while it can fold and unfold elements
> and lines, the fatal drawback is that if you unfold an element,
> *everything* below that element is displayed.

True, but I think you can then do sgml-fold-subelement (C-c C-f C-s) to
fold up all the child elements.

>   i want it so that, if i unfold or expand, say, a chapter,
> i get only the elements immediately at the next level.  i can
> then, of course, choose one of those to expand and so on.
>   is there anything that will let me do this?  not surprisingly,
> something free and open source would be nice but, heck, if i can 
> find an editor to do what i want, i'm not averse to paying for
> it.  within reason, of course.

Vim 6.1 does folding for XML. See ':help folding' or just open up an XML
file with it and try typing 'zr' and 'zm' a few times to see how it

I don't think Vim's XML folding is as XML-aware as that in Emacs, but
still it seems to work pretty well.



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