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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: looking for XML editor that supports outline mode

> True, but I think you can then do sgml-fold-subelement (C-c C-f C-s) to
> fold up all the child elements.

In fact, psgml mode of emacs has quite a few options that could be helpful.  Here is the page on folding elements from info psgml.  Thank you Robert and Michael for giving me cause to look at this.  I might start using it in my own work.

Folding editing

   With these commands you can make parts of the text temporarily
invisible to make it easier to see the overall structure of your text.

   When folding a region all the lines but the first will be invisible.
The first line of the region will still be visible with an ellipsis at
the end.

   *Note Outline Mode: (emacs)Outline Mode.

`C-c C-f C-r'
     The region between point and mark will be folded

`C-c C-f C-e'
     The region between the start and end of the current element will be
     folded (`sgml-fold-element').

     This command can also fold the SGML declaration or the DOCTYPE

`C-c C-f C-s'
     Fold all the sub elements of the current element

`C-c C-s'
`C-c C-u C-l'
     Unfold the current line, assuming it is the first line of a folded
     region (`sgml-unfold-line').

`C-c C-u C-e'
     Make all lines in current element visible (`sgml-unfold-element').

`C-c C-u C-a'
     Make all lines in current buffer visible (`sgml-unfold-all').

`C-c C-f C-x'
     Unfold current element and then fold the subelements
     (`sgml-expand-element').  If the current element is folded this
     expands what is visible.



Robert McIlvride (robert@cogent.ca)
Cogent Real-Time Systems (www.cogent.ca)

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