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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: docbook archives and workflows now!

The GDP and LDP are going to use Lampadas which is a document management
system in early stages of development.  Its primary purpose is to
organize and show everyone who is doing what throughout the projects. 
Check back in a month or so once the GDP has fully implemented Lampadas.

It sounds like the person wanted more of a content management system to
track parts of documentation to possibly reuse them in other documents. 
I'd recommend Borges for this.  Borges is by MandrakeSoft and has been
advertised on this list before.  From my own investigation for the GDP
Borges provides the power of DocBook into a comprehensive content
management system.  But you have to also be aware that Borges is beta
software at best.  I talked to someone on IRC lately who was
implementing a content management system for DocBook with Cocoon by the
Apache project.  I've not looked into Cocoon very much, but it does seem
to convert DocBook to multiple outputs.  It also has the ability to
support a RDBMS.

Eric Baudais

On Tue, 2002-07-23 at 22:08, Phillip Shelton wrote:
> You might want to look at the LDP and GDP as to how they are doing it.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Dave Pawson [mailto:daveP@dpawson.freeserve.co.uk]
> Sent: Wednesday, 24 July 2002 10:48 AM
> To: docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org; docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: docbook archives and workflows now!
> This came up on another list.
> Has anyone anything to say on managing K's worth of docbook files?
> regards DaveP
> Dan, I work for a software shop that produces a suite of integrated 
> products. One of our challenges is managing (relating, versioning, reusing) 
> the content in addition to producing print, HTML Help, and online output. We
> currently store our documents in Microsoft Word. Our documentation base of 
> tens of thousands of topics (hundreds of thousands of pages), growing by 
> upwards of twelve percent a year, is fast becoming unwieldy. We would like 
> writers to devote more time to writing and less to file management, 
> imperfect .doc to .htm conversion, and manual remarkup of help files.
> We are considering the DocBook technology for markup. However, I haven't run
> into a description of a content or document or file management system for 
> DocBook books that would give us the management capability we need. Once we 
> have structured content, how can we work collaboratively, efficiently, and 
> intelligently with a large and expanding web of intricately interrelated 
> topics? We also need to interact with the in-house development log tracking 
> system. We could, of course, build a proprietary application, but such 
> wheels must already be turning, somewhere.
> Can anyone on the list point me in a good direction?

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