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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Callout formatting

On Mon, Jul 29, 2002 at 12:39:58AM +0100, chris.danx wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new to docbook and xsl so if these are daft questions I'm sorry. 
>  Firstly, how can we get square brackets instead of round brackets in 
> textual callouts using the XSL sheets?
> e.g.
> A portable[1] program...
> ...
> [1] both in terms of compiler and platform!

This will require customizing an XSL template.
See the FAQ for how to create a customization layer.
The template you are looking for is
<xsl:template name="callout-bug"> in html/callout.xsl.

You need to change <xsl:text>(</xsl:text>
to <xsl:text>[</xsl:text> (and the closing brace too).
> Secondly, how do get call outs to be displayed inline in html output? 
>  e.g. the output is something like this (it looks like superscript)
> (1)
>    both interms of compiler and platform
> but I'd like it to look like
> (1) both interms of compiler and platform
> how can this be done using xsl?

Hmm, callouts in XSL are not superscripts.
Only <footnote> and <superscript> use superscript.
How are you creating your callouts?
Are you using the <callout> element?

> Is this even the right mechanism for what I'm doing? (don't actually 
> know the name of those little numbered things you see in books, took me 
> ages to find callouts).

Yes, I think you want callouts.  Perhaps if you provided a
more complete example it would be more clear, though.


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