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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Callout formatting

Bob Stayton wrote:

> This will require customizing an XSL template.
> See the FAQ for how to create a customization layer.
> The template you are looking for is
> <xsl:template name="callout-bug"> in html/callout.xsl.
> You need to change <xsl:text>(</xsl:text>
> to <xsl:text>[</xsl:text> (and the closing brace too).

So that'd be a customisation layer in the style sheet then?  Is this the 
right place? http://www.dpawson.co.uk/docbook/styling/custom.html

I have a xsl sheet with some parameter changes, will the above change be 
more complex?  Like using a template to generate the correct style and 
then changing it to how you suggested?

> Hmm, callouts in XSL are not superscripts.
> Only <footnote> and <superscript> use superscript.
> How are you creating your callouts?
> Are you using the <callout> element

Sorry it's not a superscript!  I also changed the tag from literallayout 
to para and it's fixed.  The original docbook was

   <callout arearefs="portable">
     <anchor id="main.port.anch"/><literallayout>both in terms of 
compilers and platforms</literallayout>

It may get wrapped here, but the literallayout tags were on one line, 
the html generated contained a div tag when this was changed to a span 
tag the (1) and the text were on one line.

>> Is this even the right mechanism for what I'm doing? (don't actually
>> know the name of those little numbered things you see in books, took me
>> ages to find callouts).
> Yes, I think you want callouts. Perhaps if you provided a
> more complete example it would be more clear, though

http://www.docbook.org/tdg/en/html/ch01.html at the very bottom!  Those 
little linked notes labelled 1, 2, etc are what I want to do.


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