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At 03:07 PM 30/07/2002 -0700, Bob Stayton wrote:

> > I believe it is still the case that there is no element/attribute
> > solution to the general profiling scenario that works in all cases
> > that marked sections work.  Am I wrong?
>No, you are right.  Marked sections are much more
>powerful because they operate at a 'higher' level
>than elements.  You can have duplicate elements and ID
>attributes, and marked sections can also cross element
>boundaries, as long as the thing validates in the end.
>Are you going to lobby to put marked sections back
>in XML?  8^)

Well, why not put them back? I gather from Norm's comments that this is not 
considered to be a feasible solution. Why is this so?

I'd dearly like to have conditional sections in DocBook XML. I was planning 
to migrate from SGML to XML shortly after DocBook 5.0 was finalised, but I 
now expect that I'll be sticking with SGML for quite a while yet.


Andrew Westcombe
Documentation Manager
Gaming and Entertainment Technology (GET)

ph. +61-2-9419-2000
email: asw@getsystems.com

Even if a civil society were to dissolve itself by the vote of all its 
members... nevertheless, before they go, the last murderer in prison must 
be executed.
Immanuel Kant
--Die Metaphysik der Sitten

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