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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: A question about the Titlepage


I'm using Docbook to write my masters thesis. One of the requirements of
the Faculty is that the title page has to have the folowing info (order
is not important):

<Falculty name>
<University name>
<Faculty Department>
<Title of the thesis>
<My full name>
<Descriptive text stating that the thesis is presented in the faculty to
get a master degree in ...>
<The name of my "guidance teacher">
<Year of presentation>

I'm writing the thing as a book, and one of the possibilities that i
believe i can use is to extend the <bookinfo> element, but then i would
also need to change the stylesheets (at the time i'm using DSSSL because
i still couldn't produce PDFs using XSL) to show this info. Is this the
right aproach or do you believe that I should use some other.


P.S: I sent a message to the docbook mailing list about the possibility
of having every page numbered using arab numbers, starting from the
beginining. Does anyone here ever done something like that?

Thanks again
        Mario Filipe 

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