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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: How to insert an entity via XSL

Jeff, Paul, 

Thanks both - unparsed-entity-uri() was what I was looking for.

> >I'm using ArborText Epic with our custom DTD to create XML 
> files. Instead of inserting file system references to 
> graphics it takes all paths and create entities for each of 
> those. These entities are then used to identify the graphics.
> This doesn't make sense to me.  Epic is happy to use file paths
> if your graphic element is set up to use file paths.  It only
> uses entity references if your graphic element uses entity
> references.

Well, I haven't been involved in our actual implementation of Epic and the infrastructure that backs it up - I'm just sitting in the other end, trying to work with the output.

> What does the declaration of your graphic element look like?

Well, I can have something like this in the declaration:

<!ENTITY entityname SYSTEM "path\to\windows\location\file.gif" NDATA gif>

And I'll have an attribute in the graphics element like this:

<graphicelement attribute="entityname"/>



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