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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: How to insert an entity via XSL

At 12:46 2002 08 22 +0200, Rasmussen Claus-CCLR001 wrote:
>Jeff, Paul, 
>Thanks both - unparsed-entity-uri() was what I was looking for.

Yes, you will need to use that when your graphic element
is set up with an ENTITY attribute which is how yours is.

>> >I'm using ArborText Epic with our custom DTD to create XML 
>> files. Instead of inserting file system references to 
>> graphics it takes all paths and create entities for each of 
>> those. These entities are then used to identify the graphics.
>> This doesn't make sense to me.  Epic is happy to use file paths
>> if your graphic element is set up to use file paths.  It only
>> uses entity references if your graphic element uses entity
>> references.
>Well, I haven't been involved in our actual implementation of Epic and the infrastructure that backs it up - I'm just sitting in the other end, trying to work with the output.
>> What does the declaration of your graphic element look like?
>Well, I can have something like this in the declaration:
><!ENTITY entityname SYSTEM "path\to\windows\location\file.gif" NDATA gif>
>And I'll have an attribute in the graphics element like this:
><graphicelement attribute="entityname"/>

Right, your DTD is set up to use the ENTITY method for referencing
graphics, not the file path method, so Epic is acting accordingly.

Now the XSL you'll write to generate HTML or FO's will have to
make use of unparsed-entity-uri() to get the path and pass it
on to the img or fo:external-graphic element being generated.


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