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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: doclifter and ISO character entities

Hi Eric,

You wrote:

> Michael Smith <smith@xml-doc.org>:
> >Note that there is also a bug in part of the implementation that
> >doclifter uses for dealing with ISO character entities: In some XML
> >instances, it generates internal DTD subsets that include entity
> >declarations which reference the SGML versions of the ISO
> >character-entity sets instead of the XML versions.
> >
> >A workaround for the bug is simply to delete the ISO character entity
> >declarations from generated XML documents. The declarations are
> >actually redundant at best, because both the DocBook XML and SGML DTDs
> >already reference the appropriate sets.
> I don't think that's true.  When I doin't generate these, I see
> "unknown entity" error messages.

Hmm, what tool are you using when you see those errors?

I think it can only be caused either by broken-ness in the tool emitting
those error messages, or by a config problem in your local environment.

If you take your generated SGML/XML test files, remove all of the
generated ISO entity declarations from them, and ask somebody else with
a DocBook setup to open them on their system, I think you'll find that
they won't see any "unknown entity" errors.

(On my system, I run a script that post-processes doclifter output to
remove all the generated ISO entity declarations. I never see any
"unknown entity" errors when I use my XML/SGML tools with these
entity-declarations-removed files.)

That said, I don't understand what could be causing you to see the
errors -- if your XML/SGML tools are resolving the DocBook public/system
IDs in your DOCTYPE declarations and reading the DTD successfully, you
shouldn't see "unknown entity" error messages.

These ISO entity declarations are just as much a part of the DTD as the
element declarations -- you shouldn't need to include them in an
internal DTD subset in a document any more than you'd need to include,
say, the declaration for the Cmdsynopsis element.

Other than a broken tool, the only thing I know that could cause this is
that the files containing the ISO entities are not actually where your
system thinks they should be.  That is, if your system is relying on
SGML or XML catalogs to find them, the ISO entity files are not where
the catalog files say they should be.

But you're using Red Hat 7.3, right? As far as I know, DocBook/XML/SGML
support/tools in that should work right off the shelf, without errors.
But I don't have a RH system, so I can't check the tools, catalog setup,
and location of the entity files. Maybe Tim Waugh or somebody else on
docbook-apps familiar with the RH 7.3 setup can help you troubleshoot.


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