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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: openjade paper type troubles

Ok, well I've gotten over the initial learning curve for docbook, tried
out a few of the toolchains, and was just about ready to settle down and
start writing actual content when...
Darn openjade won't give me USLetter output! I've got (define
%paper-type% "USletter") in my dbparam.dsl and yet the openjade keeps
spitting out ps files with an A4 format! Here is my environment:

Redhat (null) (latest beta.... NOTE: I don't think it's the OS as I get
the same problem at school on 7.3)
docbook 4.2 dtds
docbook dsssl stylesheets 1.77 from the sourceforge site

To make the doc I run "db2ps -d docbook-dsssl-1.77/print/docbook.dsl
mpimbad.dbk" where db2ps is a wrapper for jw, and jw in turn is a
wrapper for openjade...

Again... changing the %paper-type% style-sheet parameter does not effect
the paper type in the ps output. (found in ps: %%PaperSize: A4)

Any help, suggestions are MUCH appreciated.
Thank You,

|      Mike Sowka                   o      _     _         _        |
| An Aspiring Engi"Nerd"    _o     /\_   _ \\o  (_)\__/o  (_)       |
|  Carleton University    _< \_   _>(_) (_)/<_    \_| \   _|/' \/   |
| msowka@doe.carleton.ca (_)>(_) (_)        (_)   (_)    (_)'  _\o_ |
| (home mike@sowka.com)                                             |

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