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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: A new problem


Once again here I am with a problem concerning my master's thesis, now
that the title page is "almost" finished.

One of the requirements that the Faculty makes is about the order of
things and according to them this is the correct order:

abstract (in Portuguese)
abstract (in English)
Simbols and notations (Glossary)

Except for dedication, glossary and toc all the others are Prefaces with
different "roles". And this is my first question: is this the best way
to do it?

The second question has more to do with the stylesheets: where do I make
changes so that everything comes in the order presented? With the
standard stylesheets the order that i get is:


It seems to me that if there is a place where i can put prefaces before
TOC than everything should be ok, except for "Introduction" wich as a
last resort I could transform into a chapter...

Can anyone please show me the light...

I know that I'm beeing annoying and that i should RTFM (wich i have
partially done) but I'm running short on time (I have to write 100 pages
till October 31st and I'm only on the 18th...). I promise that I will
write down what I have done and publish it here for the information of
others and that I will continue to hang around here helping other people
out, but please just give me a small hint.


        Mario Filipe 

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