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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: A new problem

On Sex, 2002-09-27 at 14:41, Mário Filipe wrote:
> Hi
> Once again here I am with a problem concerning my master's thesis, now
> that the title page is "almost" finished.
> (lots of problems and whining...)

I know that it kind of stupid replying to ones own questions but I have
made some advances.

I duplicated the behavior of dedication to preface and now the TOC
already appears after all the prefaces (hurray), including
"Introduction" (Ohh!).

On the file dbdivis.dsl there is this code:

	(if %generate-book-toc%
	    (make simple-page-sequence
	      page-n-columns: %page-n-columns%
	      page-number-format: ($page-number-format$ (normalize "toc"))
	      use: default-text-style
	      left-header:   ($left-header$ (normalize "toc"))
	      center-header: ($center-header$ (normalize "toc"))
	      right-header:  ($right-header$ (normalize "toc")) 
	      left-footer:   ($left-footer$ (normalize "toc"))  
	      center-footer: ($center-footer$ (normalize "toc"))
	      right-footer:  ($right-footer$ (normalize "toc")) 
	      input-whitespace-treatment: 'collapse
	      (build-toc (current-node)
	                 (toc-depth (current-node))))

wich generates the TOC.

IF there was a way during the output of each of the prefaces to test if
say the current preface role is "abstract" then i would output the TOC,
my problem would be solved, but unlike the "element book" wich has a lot
of code in it "element preface just says":

(element preface (empty-sosofo))
(mode preface-page-mode
  (element preface ($component$))
  (element (preface title) (empty-sosofo))

How can I change this to produce the output as I need it?


        Mario Filipe 

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