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Subject: [Fwd: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: JavaHelp TOC]

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: JavaHelp TOC
From: <vhikida@inreach.com>
Date: Mon, November 4, 2002 2:53 pm
To: <rich_b_nz@clear.net.nz>


I am also a docbook newbie. I have used the xsl stylesheets to produce
JavaHelp however (6 months ago).

When creating html for JavaHelp, there is a table of contents pane. This
worked out well for me. In addition, the stylesheets attempt to also
create TOC entries within the main portion of the text. This never worked
for me and I only got the text "Table of Contents".

Since I already got the table of contents pane, it was really not
important for me to get another TOC in the main contents itself. With the
help some others on the list, I created a customization layer to supress
the extraneous TOC. If this is what you want to do, I can help you.

If you really want the duplicate TOC as part of the main text, I can try
doing this when I get home tonight and see if I get results similar to

> Hi,
> I'm having trouble while generating JavaHelp, using XSL StyleSheets
> V1.57.
> My problem is that I can't convince DocBook to produce a reasonable
> TOC. It's generating
> <dl><tocitem target="d0e10" text="Help on System processes"> ... </d1>
> which isn't actually viewable.
> I'm sure this is a newbie problem, but I've search the list and come up
> empty. Can anyone give me a pointer on how to display the TOC?
> Thanks,
> Richard.

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