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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: JavaHelp TOC

Thanks, but what I am looking to do is duplicate some of the Contents Pane. I'm
trying to get a submenu of the section on the "title page" of each part (eg
the expanding bit in JavaHelp). It's more for style and usability.

>I am also a docbook newbie. I have used the xsl stylesheets to produce
>JavaHelp however (6 months ago).
>When creating html for JavaHelp, there is a table of contents pane. This
>worked out well for me. In addition, the stylesheets attempt to also create

>TOC entries within the main portion of the text. This never worked for me
>and I only got the text "Table of Contents".
>Since I already got the table of contents pane, it was really not important

>for me to get another TOC in the main contents itself. With the help some
>others on the list, I created a customization layer to supress the
>extraneous TOC. If this is what you want to do, I can help you.
>If you really want the duplicate TOC as part of the main text, I can try
>doing this when I get home tonight and see if I get results similar to
>> Hi,
>> I'm having trouble while generating JavaHelp, using XSL StyleSheets
>> V1.57.
>> My problem is that I can't convince DocBook to produce a reasonable
>> TOC. It's generating
>> <dl><tocitem target="d0e10" text="Help on System processes"> ... </d1>
>> which isn't actually viewable.
>> I'm sure this is a newbie problem, but I've search the list and come up
>> empty. Can anyone give me a pointer on how to display the TOC?
>> Thanks,
>> Richard.

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