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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: RE: How to reference a biblioentry

In July 2002 Norman told me to reference biblioentries like this

> | <biblioentry id="walsh97">
>                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> |   <abbrev>Walsh97</abbrev>

 see <xref linkend="walsh97">

To generate see [Walsh97]. And this worked. 

Now, however it doesn't anymore.
I have the following biblioentry:

<biblioentry id="bib_Chicago_Manual_of_Style_">
  <title id="bib_Chicago_Manual_of_Style_T">Chicago Manual of
  <edition>14th Edition</edition>
  <abbrev id="bib_Chicago_Manual_of_Style_A">Chicago</abbrev>
  <isbn id="isbn_0-226-10389-7">0-226-10389-7</isbn>
<publishername>University of Chicago Press</publishername>
<address><city>Chicago </city><country>USA</country></address>

and reference it with:
<xref linkend="bib_Chicago_Manual_of_Style_"/>

 But instead of [Chicago], I get [bib_Chicago_Manual_of_Style_]

Am I missing something, or did the style change?


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